February 2013: Franco Battiato live in Naples

Apriti sesamo tour, by Franco Battiato, will begin on January 19th, 2013 , and it will also reach the city of Naples. On February 25th, in fact, the master will perform at the Teatro Augusteo and provides a great spectacle.

It was July 23th, 2012 when Battiato performed at the Arena Flegrea together with the Filarmonica Toscanini, captivating the audience with his greatest hits in a new and engaging.


And the basis for the new tour are certainly not to be outdone. The master will turn Italy presenting his new work, Apriti sesamo, released last October 23th with 10 tracks of completely new. The single Passaccaglia preceded the album that (as he said) is one of the best works of his career.

From the first to the last track Battiato express his views on modern society, not to mention the most strictly political. What emerges is the need of the author to "retire to private life," living in solitude, to escape the reality that seems to become more and more corrupt and unlivable.

There is, finally, a reference to the theme of death: "When the Tibetans, which I love, go to sleep tipping the cup of food, they know that could be the 'last night. I do not think we can be happy in this world, the horrible people who governs and humans in general who live in are animals, "said the teacher.

Given the circumstances, the Apriri sesamo tour has everything it takes to be a great show. We just have to wait for the teacher in our city.

For info on presales: International Music and Arts


Via S. Tommaso d'Aquino 15 - Napoli - Italy