Pino Daniele live in Naples

The great Pino Daniele will be in Naples for two concerts in December 2012.

In "Tutta n'ata storia - Live In Naples," Pino Daniele will perform in two concerts-event. On both nights of concerts, Pino Daniele will play along with great neapolitan musicians  he has worked during his long career, Enzo Avitabile, Enzo Gragnaniello and historic band of "Go Mò", Tony Esposito, Tullio De Piscopo, James Senese, Joe Amoruso Rino Zurzolo. His new band, composed by: Michael Baker (drums), Gianluca Podio (piano), Elizabeth Serio (keyboards) and the same Rino Zurzolo (bass and double bass), will be on stage with him.

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December 2012: Fiorella Mannoia Live

The success of Fiorella Mannoia shows continues to grow up. After bringing her show in theaters and stadiums around his latest South throughout the spring and summer the singer Mannoia has announced new dates for the winter tour in theaters.

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February 2013: Franco Battiato live in Naples

Apriti sesamo tour, by Franco Battiato, will begin on January 19th, 2013 , and it will also reach the city of Naples. On February 25th, in fact, the master will perform at the Teatro Augusteo and provides a great spectacle.

It was July 23th, 2012 when Battiato performed at the Arena Flegrea together with the Filarmonica Toscanini, captivating the audience with his greatest hits in a new and engaging.

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Biagio Antonacci live in Naples

Biagio Antonacci, versatile, romantic, chameleon singer, has been giving us his greatest success for many years, not only as a performer but also as an author. He has written lyrics for singers such as Mietta, Annalisa Minetti, Syria, the Stadium and he collaborated with renowned artists such as Laura Pausini, Leona Lewis, Tiziano Ferro and again, Festivalbar, Sanremo Festival. So, good news for fans of the genre.

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Via Toledo 148 - Napoli - Italy