Biagio Antonacci live in Naples

Biagio Antonacci, versatile, romantic, chameleon singer, has been giving us his greatest success for many years, not only as a performer but also as an author. He has written lyrics for singers such as Mietta, Annalisa Minetti, Syria, the Stadium and he collaborated with renowned artists such as Laura Pausini, Leona Lewis, Tiziano Ferro and again, Festivalbar, Sanremo Festival. So, good news for fans of the genre.

Fans who wished the presence of the singer in Naples will be satisfied: December 12, 2012 at 21, in fact, Biagio Antonacci will perform at Palapartenope of Naples, bringing with him an extraordinary group of musicians: bass, viola, violin, guitar, percussion, drums, accordion, keyboards, that will accompany the warm voice of the singer.

Dancers, performers, street performers directly from Dionysus Entertainment will be on stage with him, so we're sure it will be a spectacular concert. It officially started the presale of tickets ranging from 41 euro to 57 euro to join the place for a spot in the Tribune.

Source: (Claudia Ambrosino)


Via Toledo 148 - Napoli - Italy