December 2012: Fiorella Mannoia Live

The success of Fiorella Mannoia shows continues to grow up. After bringing her show in theaters and stadiums around his latest South throughout the spring and summer the singer Mannoia has announced new dates for the winter tour in theaters.

It will start on November 10 in Genoa and then continue in the theaters of the main Italian cities, Livorno, Lucca, Catania, Bologna, Milan, and Naples, December 5 at the Teatro Augusteo. During the concert the singer and the whole band and the children of Projeto Axe that wilbe with her, will wear the t-shirt made from Impure with the collaboration of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to raise public awareness in support of refugees around the world. The writing on the jersey wants to remember how all people should be treated in the same way and then they are acknowledged in all countries of the world those fundamental human rights as such, and not different from its neighbor.

In addition, the show is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Sankara, the charismatic leader of Burkina Faso, who was assassinated in the late 80's during a military coup.

The ticket price is slightly higher than the other concerts, we start from about € 40 to get around € 60, but with the card the spectator will be given a case with the DVD of the tour SOUTH 2012 with footage shot at concerts the seasonality of the summer theaters and sports arenas.

Source: (Simone Scala)


Via Toledo 148 - Napoli - Italy