Since our childhood, Mum Ione and Daddy Miki always had a suitcase ready for travelling to a destination... to be defined on the road.

This has allowed us to travel very much, both in Italy and abroad. Those journeys were, of course, focused on saving money. One time, Dad came home with a used van: a Fiat 110 used by the Italian army. In a few weeks, it was transformed in a camper. It had only the name of a camper and a few curtains Mom sew and put on the windows.

Since then it was one trip after the other; I still remember the perfume of a salami which accompanied us in our trip to Venice, to go visit Uncle Gianni. We brought him some Neapolitan salamis and still today, whenever I smell a salami, magically my mind goes back to that trip that was, for us, a sort of Antarctic expedition: we touched the 3 peaks of Lavaredo (2800 meters above sea level) with our van - camper that would often boil under the heat.

After so many years, the emotional memory of hearing about the next travel destination is still strong - whether it would be America, Canada or Calabria. A magic moment would take place whenever my mind started traveling the minute one started talking about a trip.

During the years we evolved; my parents eventually bought a real roulotte with which we went to Paris, and then back down through the Loire valley. Trips and travels have always been a part of our life, pushing us even to Australia for my honeymoon.

My love for travel has allowed me to visit so many Italian and foreign cities, to know and fall in love with each one of them in a different way. But after my degree and a few history exams on the history of our beautiful city, I decided with my family to start our ultimate journey: this time, we wouldn't have to move far from our splendid city.

Yes indeed, Naples is for us the most beautiful city in the world. As a beautiful woman, she's full of contradictions and difficult to love, but if you do fall in love with her you will feel like that for the rest of your life. Fully aware of her numerous beautiful sights, we decided to place our bet on Naples - pushed by our love for her and declaring, from the beginning, our feelings: NAPOLIT'AMO.

With no experience but with lots of passion and humility we gave life to NAPOLIT'AMO. At first a simple B&B with just a few rooms managed by Mom and Dad that, with no rest, received our guests from all over the world - improvising in English and French. After a couple of years, Napolit'Amo knew a great success: today, it has created two hotels with a total 43 rooms, a restaurant, and a magnificent salon for gala events and soirees.

This was possible also thanks to our team of collaborators throughout the years, mostly young people aged 25-35, both Italian and foreigners.


Via Toledo 148 - Napoli - Italy